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StickyBabes do Windsor

This is film number 3 featuring babes Josie and Nina walking around Windsor Castle in pink StickyBabe clothes looking beautiful before getting on some motorcycles, for lots of fast sexy fun.

"This video has 2 very sexy babes" .... "bikes and babes - my favourite" .... "I had to buy some of your clothes after watching this" .... are just some of the comments we have received so far......... We certainly enjoyed making it for you.

This 4:32 minute film is available for watching in a medium size screen. Turn up your sound & enjoy :-) We will be bringing you more films throughout 2008.

It's easy to be a StickyBabe with our range of quality clothing from the StickyShop

If you would like to be in future films, please let us know via Contact Us

Production credits:- London Studio Works, The Climb, George White
Provided for personal use only

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